Monday flowers.

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

I love flowers, particularly white ones. I love white in general because it's free and airy and makes me feel like I can breathe. Recently I have transitioned to a woman who can see who I am and what I need. I can breathe, again. When I bought my own little place, my cocoon, I decided I would buy myself flowers every Monday. Because I love them and I will make sure I treat myself. They are important to me because they make me feel special, and loved. And on Mondays because Mondays are always a new start. Mondays are the "try again" day.

If one day I get to have someone special who chooses to send me Monday flowers.. I will feel loved, cherished..wanted. But it's not needed.. just wanted. And only if he wants to. Until then I am ok.. to cherish myself, every day. Not just on Mondays.

Much love Xo.

Barbie Quinn is a dancer, now also business girl, who has a lot to say. Life is better together. And in the sun. Runs Wharton Event Management with her mom, sister and most unreal team ever. Events where dancers feel like they belong.

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