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About me

Being on stage lights me up. I love white orchids, fresh air, and making people laugh. I care deeply about making you feel that you are not alone in this game. 

Barbie is known for her infectious passion and continuous resilience.  After leaving a successful career in upper management 15 years ago, she has been a thriving entrepreneur, building several successful businesses.  Primarily, she worked alongside her mom and sister producing 14 dance competitions per year in Western Canada where the theme at all events was “You Belong Here”.    
A charismatic and experienced speaker, writer and podcast guest, she shines when helping others feel they are important in their own way.   She speaks on her experiences and she has grown from them; depression since adolescence, an adult diagnosis of ADHD, Bell’s Palsy in 2015, a major concussion in 2017, her decision to take meds to help her through various stages of her life and losing her illusion of what she thought life “should” look like.  She is loud about learning self care, boundaries, and limits - from her sassy point of view.   


She writes on her personal blog, and has created a community for Bell’s Palsy survivors called “Bell’s Palsy Talk with Barbie” where she encourages her followers to focus on self-care while learning their true purpose.   In 2021, she accepted a new challenge and stepped into the Chief Operating Officer role for a successful startup, 3D Maritime Inc.  Barbie enjoys watching her two teenage sons play lacrosse with her husband Trevor and their puppy named Cherry.  She is excited for what the Universe has in store for this next new phase of her adventure. 

We have so many opportunities in this life if we choose to notice them and realize the Universe will support us - as long as we show up.   Let’s talk.

I am loud about learning self care, boundaries, and limits from my sassy point of view.

"I encourage you to step up and be yourself. 
It's so much better than the alternative".

I speak A LOT about how the Universe will stop you in your tracks (smack you in the face or upside the head – for me, both, literally) if you don’t listen, slow down, and live in your light. 

Love notes

“I want to one day be as strong as you .... even when I’m 65.  Love the inspiration I’m getting. I’m actually crying right now writing this. You are impacting me!”

“Thank you for sharing. You are strong, so funny and fierce! Forever grateful to have such a light to look up to.”

“I can always relate to all your posts. Thank you for always being so open, I love it.”

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