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Thank you for coming.
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I am passionate about making people feel like they belong and are not alone in this game.  Thank you for being a guest on Bell's Palsy Talk Live!  

Please click below to link to my calendar.  Most talks are done on Instagram Live but if you prefer Zoom, let me know! 

Please note you need to be on your phone or tablet for Instagram Live (not you computer).  Our talk will be very casual, just chatting between friends 🧡

I try to keep talks under 15 minutes to keep listeners engaged.  If you would like to chat prior to our Live talk, let me know, I am happy to do so!  Send me an email anytime.


There will be a social media post up on Instagram and Facebook the day before your talk, please share to you followers.

You can see some previous talks on the BP Talk You Tube channel.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Looking forward to our talk 🧡.  

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Click to link to some faves!

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