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Are you trying to be "All the things" to "All the people" at "all times"?

Just one question : How's that going for you?

Let's get together and talk about what we have going on.   I talk a lot about these things in my world and have lots to share, so let's support each other to each level up.   IT'S YOUR TURN.  You have waited long enough.

No hand holding, no fluff.   Just real talk, real life and real lessons.

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The overwhelm (where to start??)  -   Self care (what IS it even??)   -  Recognizing when the Universe is talking to you (how I did)  -  What YOU actually WANT in life?? (not what everyone else does)   Anything else - straight up.  I also promise to make you laugh quite a bit (I love that).


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Us together, being real, getting real and LEVELLING UP.  Join me here.


There is nothing in this Universe that will knock you down quicker than trying to be all the things to all the people all of the times. You are a strong amazing human, but you are not a Unicorn in an armour.  GET REAL.

I am a writer, speaker, Bells Palsy survivor, mompreneur and just in general - an extremely sensitive human stepping into my light.  The Universe has literally knocked me over - SEVERAL times.  
I'm not an expert in any way.  I am just me - talking in my words - to you.  I have done the things and been the versions of myself I thought I was "supposed" to be.  I have screwed up A LOT and have been hurt a LOT.  But I have also learned a lot, loved a lot and laughed a lot.  Let's make something great together. 

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