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Breathing Goals.

My goals breathe. They are airy and light and they make me excited when I think of them. They are worth the work and the hard parts. They are not numbers and deadlines and pressure. Yes of course I know that life has deadlines. And if there was no pressure of procrastination - I would straight up get nothing done. But if your goals are someone else's, or something you feel you "should" be attaining, they are not for you.

Goals that are meant for you, that are authentic on your journey, do not feel heavy. Some people tell me they are easier to focus on, some say they just are more fun to work on. But either way, they feel real, and clear. If your goals and plans make you feel like you are carrying someone else's 80 lb backpack, ask yourself what you are doing.. why are you carrying someone else's stuff. Who gave it to you and why did you let them. The backpack is not yours.

Take a look inside - if you want to. If that is too mucky, that's ok. But understand when you are on YOUR path, things flow easily. That does not mean there is not heartache and hard work, it just means you're getting to your real goals. And baby steps are ok.

The sooner you can figure out your true, authentic, YOU goals, the sooner you won't even know the backpack is even there, because it will now only be holding the things YOU need. It is ok to be carrying what you need, because your needs matter. I am working on that a lot these days.

Goals do not have to mean money and expensive things. For me my goals all include freedom of choice, and to never lose my voice again. To inspire and to uplift others. There are no numbers and NO spreadsheets. If I really listen, I know when something is right. You know what I mean. If you have to force it - the relationship, the money, the ponytail - it's not for you. It might seem easier at the time, but it is never better to do something that is not right for YOU and your story. And your story matters. Xo

Barbie Wharton is a writer, speaker, mompreneur and Bell’s Palsy survivor. Life is better together. And in the sun. Find her on Facebook, Instagram and Linked In. Podcast Guests profile here. Bell's Palsy Talk with Barbie here.

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“Who gave it to you and why did you let them?” Best.Line.Ever!!!

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