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Doing it scared.

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I have close to 5,000 pins on my Pinterest boards from over the past 5 years. I wish I could say I was exaggerating but I just looked and it's a public thing so I can't hide it. I would say over half of them are quotes and things that inspire me. So if you have a quote that inspires you, I have probably seen it, pinned it, and saved it. And I actually do look back on them quite a bit. If you don't believe me, check my boards out here. I used to write them by hand in journals, cut them out of magazines and copy words from movies and TV shows. Like, BEFORE the Internet. How did we ever survive.

I am now living a couple that I have always loved. Start before you're ready, just be scared and do it anyway. I am doing it scared. Doing it before I feel ready, before I am "comfortable" or feel "educated" enough. I have always shied away from jumping in before I knew who would be there, what I would wear, how it would go. Doing the video without the perfect setting or the perfect top. Seeing my own self and analyzing all the things. How my face doesn't look the same anymore since I woke up with Bells Palsy in 2015. And reframing it as beautiful. Being new at something all over again. SCARY. Opening my heart like, for real. But here we go.. no turning back now. Maybe one day a quote of mine will be posted everywhere on Pinterest. It will most likely be a random thing that comes out of my mouth that was never planned or intended, that will be just my luck ;) This year is the year of Barbie - the stepping up, getting out of my own head and getting real. I have words to share so I am sharing. Maybe you want to do it with me. Because there's other one I like that says "Great things don't come from comfort zones".. yeah yeah, we get it. So let's go. You and me, we got this. Much love Xo Check out my Pinterest boards here.


Barbie Wharton is a writer, speaker, mompreneur and Bell’s Palsy survivor. Life is better together. And in the sun. Find her on Facebook, Instagram and Linked In. Podcast Guests profile here. Bell's Palsy Talk with Barbie here.

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