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Be heard.

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I have a lot to say. So much so that I started this little blog in September 2015 because I want my words to help you say - "Hey! She felt that way too, thank goodness I am not alone". Even though I have always talked a lot when I am comfortable in my surroundings - I never really made sure I was heard. I am working on this extremely hard now. It is so uncomfortable and weird. But now that I have a love that lifts me up, hears me and helps me try to figure out my words, I am learning. Learning that what I need is important too. It is hard for me to figure out exactly what I mean sometimes. So when I am around someone who forces me to make a decision, where I feel small or that I am being interrogated, I get very confused and overwhelmed. I apologize first, make a decision that I may not 100% agree with, allow my insecurities to over take my logic, and do not allow myself to change my mind. And guess what. You are allowed to change your mind. You're allowed to say - "You know what, I was ok with that yesterday but it's not cool with me now that I've thought about it some more".

I have lived a lot of my life in the past decade and (then some) feeling that it was weak to change your mind. I was made to feel that way by people I had around me, so they are no longer around me now. The Universe LITERALLY smacked my in the face - paralyzed my voice and my smile with Bell's Palsy in September 2015 because it was time to use my voice.

Because when I am allowed to be truly heard, in my own light, to talk through what I mean, to cry and to sometimes yell without being judged, I am always on side.

If my view is not the one that gets the votes, that's totally ok. Being heard is all that matters. So get up, get out there and speak up. Speak up about your needs, your cause and what you need. Because YOU ARE IMPORTANT. So is your voice, your uniques views and most importantly - your smile.

Love and smiles Xo


Barbie Wharton is a writer, speaker, mompreneur and Bell’s Palsy survivor. Life is better together. And in the sun. Find her on Facebook, Instagram and Linked In. Podcast Guests profile here. Bell's Palsy Talk with Barbie here.

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