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Renew (again).

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

September to me has always been a reset, restart to what my goals are or have been and continue to be.  When I was younger, I danced many hours per week and getting my new list of classes was the best.  Dancers…who’s with me.

I wrote them in my fresh (paper) planner and colour coded the classes with highlighters.  (I wish I had those agendas to share.  They were pretty awesome).  Every Fall it was an time of excitement trimmed with a bit of anxiety .. as always happens for me, with the new.  Who am I kidding..the new has always caused me great anxiety (cue the eye roll if I didn’t dislike that term so much).

Most seem to be the same as me, at all our ages.  Back to a routine, healthy eating and getting to bed on time – the routine I was relieved to take a summer break from - but very happy to get back to a schedule that is seemingly normal.

I will take care of my body because she does so much for me.

This September I will take more time for myself.  Put myself first and recharge when I need to.  Tell my people when I need my space. I will take care of my body because does so much for me.  And I will continue (and try again) to be the mother, woman and friend I was put on this earth to be. 

I will try again.  Renew, again.  Who’s with me.

Much love Xo.


Barbie Quinn is a dancer, now also business girl, who has a lot to say. Life is better together. And in the sun. Runs Wharton Event Management with her mom, sister and most unreal team ever.

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Sep 10, 2021

Great blog you have

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