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Good luck getting rid of it.

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Anger and resentment are the kind of things that never leave. You can ignore them if you want, kinda like the dishes in the sink. Maybe they will just leave? Or sort themselves out? So how's that working for ya?

I read a lot and learn a lot about how the energy of our feelings creates disease in our bodies and I am 1000% on board, and have lived it, quite a few times. Read up on it, Lousie Hay is the place to start. There's only two options you can do to "fix" anger. Address it and move through it, look it square in the face or let it go. And "letting it go" does not mean that you push it down and try your damndest to will it to disappear. If you don't bring it up - to yourself or to the cause of your anger, it. will. never. leave. Four years ago I woke up and half my face was paralyzed. Bells' Palsy affects one side of your face and it is sudden onset. I am asked literally every single time I tell someone about it - "Oh my god, were you so SHOCKED??" Nope. I actually wasn't. Confused, yes. Scared, yes. Cried for two days straight, yes. Hid in bed for two weeks, yes. But I wasn't shocked. Once I read up on the metaphysical cause - "losing your voice" (your mouth is LITERALLY paralyzed) - I said, "well, guess I should've listened to the Universe sooner". At the time I had no idea what to do or how I would go about getting my voice back but I started by starting.. I started this blog. I had so much anger, so much of all the gross stuff built up inside me. I didn't let myself feel it or say it or express it. I didn't stand up for myself, I held it all in to be the "strong" one. To put on the perfect show, be the perfect hostess, be the perfect everything. And guess what. I snapped. And I am telling you.. even though I certainly don't have any degrees in anything remotely doctor-like, if you don't quit it too - you will snap too. I promise. So get the anger dealt with in one way or another. Talk try, o the person who is making you angry, be true to yourself. Talk to a doctor-like person and do the reading. The dishes will wait. Love Xo

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